2012-09-19 Determining Equipment

I’m thinking about an algorithm to randomly determine a character’s starting equipment. I usually play Labyrinth Lord but I found that I prefer the equipment list of the Moldvay edition of D&D. I will use this algorithm for the random character creation of my SVG character sheet using my Halberds and Helmets house rules (continued from the random class blog post). It was inspired by Brendan’s equipment table for OD&D.

Result in plain text

Continued here: 2012-09-26 Class and Equipment Distribution.

  1. starting gold is 3d6×10 gold
  2. buy a backpack and iron rations for a week (20 gold)
  3. buy the best armor for up to half your remaining money
  4. buy a melee weapon using the following rules for up to half your remaining money
  5. if a cleric, buy a blunt melee weapon: war hammer, mace or club (staff)
  6. or if a magic-user, buy a dagger
  7. or if fighter, Str > 12, hit-points > 6 and not carrying a shield buy a two handed melee weapon: two handed sword or battle axe
  8. or if fighter, Str > 8 and not carrying a shield buy a pole arm
  9. or if a dwarf and not carrying a shield buy a battle axe
  10. or buy a simple melee weapon: 5/6 buy a long sword, the rest will buy a short sword
  11. with the remaining money set aside for weapons, buy a ranged weapon and ammunition
  12. if elf or fighter and Dex > 8, buy a long bow
  13. or if not a cleric and not a magic-user, Dex > 8, buy a short bow
  14. or if not a cleric and not a magic-user, crossbow
  15. or if not a magic-user, buy a sling
  16. if you still have money left for weapons, buy some throwing weapons
  17. if you own a battle axe or if you’re a dwarf, buy two hand axes
  18. or if you’re a fighter, buy a spear
  19. if not a cleric, buy a silver dagger
  20. if not a cleric and not a magic-user, buy two daggers
  21. buy a light source: lantern and two flasks of oil, or torches
  22. if a cleric, buy a holy symbol
  23. if a thief, buy thieves’ tools
  24. buy exploration gear: rope, iron spikes and hammer, or wooden pole
  25. buy a protective measure: holy water, wolfsbane, or mirror
  26. keep the remaining gold to hire and equip retainers

Checking your inventory: some things will eventually run out: quarrels, arrows, torches, lantern oil. When indicated, roll 1d6. On a 1, you’ve used it up.

Weapon Gold Note
Battle Axe (two handed) 7two handed, break down doors
Hand Axe 4throwable
Crossbow 30usable with little training, usable while lying on the ground
Quarrels 10check after combat
Long Bow 40long range
Short Bow 25usable on horseback
Arrows 5check after combat
Dagger 3throwable, concealable
Silver Dagger 30usable against lycanthropes in animal form
Short Sword 7usable in tight formation
Long Sword 10usable against riders
Two Handed Sword 15usable against multiple men
Mace 5blunt
Club 3blunt
Pole Arm (two handed) 7usable from the second rank and in tight formation
Sling and Stones 2blunt
Spear 3throwable
War Hammer 5blunt
Armor Class Gold
Leather 7 20
Chain 5 40
Plate 3 60
Shield -1 10
Helmet 10
Item Gold Note
Backpack 5required to carry other items
Flask of Oil 2burns for two rounds dealing 1d8 damage each round when lit by a torch, a burning pool will deter animals
Hammer (small) 2for stakes and spikes
Holy Symbol 25required for clerics to turn undead
Holy Water 25hurts undead like burning oil
Iron Spikes 1keep doors open or shut
Lantern 10requires oil, check every hour
Mirror 5useful to check for vampires or fight a medusa
Iron Ration (1 week) 15may distract monsters
Rope (50’) 1heavy rope cannot be thrown for more than a few paces 
Sack (large) 2required to carry treasure
Thieves’ Tools 25required by thieves to open locks
Torches 1check every 10’, waving torches will scare animals
Wolfsbane 10keeps werewolves at bay
Wooden Pole 1cheaper than a pole arm to prod stuff



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