2012-10-03 Old School Random Characters

Much like Ramanan Sivaranjan’s beautiful character generator, my character generator allows you to create a random 1st level character. The random character buys equipment with stuff from Moldvay’s Basic D&D equipment tables (the most important difference from Labyrinth Lord being that plate mail costs 60 gp) based on some rules inspired by Brendan’s equipment table. Abilities are rolled 3d6 in order, no switching or trading allowed. Class is picked according to some rules I felt mimicked how I go about these things.

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In addition to that, it offers:

  1. German interface
  2. 50 compact characters
  3. statistics on the characters generated
  4. source code
  5. a link that allows you to edit the character in the bottom right corner (will disappear when printed)
  6. you can also bookmark the URL to your character (follow the link in the bottom right corner)

In theory, it should be easy to extend it to show different character sheets – it’s just that I never felt the need for another. Perhaps I will do a Pendragon character sheet (without the random character generation to go along with it: it’s too complex).



This is how it would look using Pendragon. I added the placeholders for the Personal Data and Statistics sections. Making it look good is a whole different story. :)


rules: pendragon
charsheet: http://campaignwiki.org/Pendragon.svg
name: Aliduke the Proud
age: 31
son: 1
homeland: Salisbury
culture: Cymric
faith: Pagan
liege: Earl Roderick
class: Knight
home: Tisbury
siz: 11
dex: 14
str: 15
con: 14
app: 12
features: ginger
chaste: 5
energetic: 6
forgiving: 10
generous: 14
honest: 13
just: 10
merciful: 10
modest: 4
pious: 10
prudent: 11
temperate: 10
trusting: 10
valorous: 16
awareness: 11
boating: 1
compose: 1
courtesy: 9
dancing: 2
faerylore: 7
falconry: 6
firstaid: 12
flirting: 11
folklore: 4
gaming: 4
heraldry: 3
hunting: 3
intrigue: 3+5=8
orate: 3
play: (harp) 3
read: (latin) 0
recognize: 10
religion: (pagan) 2
romance: 5
singing: 2
stewardship: 2
swimming: 2
tourney: 2

– AlexSchroeder 2012-10-03 20:55 UTC

Now with support of a Crypts & Things character sheet.

Crypts & Things example

name: Rogor
charsheet: http://campaignwiki.org/Crypts-n-Things.svg
rules: crypts-n-things
gender: male
class: barbarian
age: 23
level: 1
nation: pict
xp: 1
str: 12
dex: 10
con: 8
int: 11
wis: 11
cha: 10
hp: 2
ac: 15
save: 16
equipment: chain mail (+4)
equipment: war axe (1d8, +1 if 2H)
equipment: whip (1d4)
equipment: short bow
equipment: arrows
equipment: manacles
equipment: backpack
equipment: shovel
equipment: 1 gold
life: pict
life: jungle
life: translator
skills: charge +2(x2)
skills: +3 vs. poison & disease
skills: AC +1

AlexSchroeder 2012-10-09 05:28 UTC

Das ist ja super! Wow!

– Chris 2012-10-15 11:54 UTC

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