2012-10-11 Kevin Crawford

Spears of the Dawn
African-flavored fantasy adventure gaming
Why is Kevin Crawford (Sine Nomine Publishing on RPG Now) so awesome? After reading An Echo Resounding I get the itch to return to my Wilderlands of High Fantasy map (pretty big) and give it the Sine Nomine treatment. I also liked what he said on the Jennisodes as he was talking about running a sandbox and publishing supplements that help others run sandboxes.

I backed his Spears of the Dawn with $8 on Kickstarter. I really like this part:

To encourage this, all art used in Spears of the Dawn will be released into the public domain upon its publication. You are encouraged to use it for your own commercial or noncommercial products. – Kevin Crawford

I started looking around the Sine Nomine website and noticed Other Dust. A post-apocalyptic old school game? I’m thinking Mutant Future and Gamma World. Have you tried it? I just read the review on Grognardia. I guess I could justify the $19.90 price tag for the PDF as a sort of donation for the free Stars Without Number.

Then again, when will I ever have the time to play all of it? And yet, I can’t shake the feeling that I’d love to have all his products as hardcovers in my bookshelf. 👌

Update: My review of Spears of the Dawn.



Completionist urge hitting hard again?

Harald 2012-10-11 13:35 UTC

I read his Kickstarter write-up and in it he says there is a market for African based settings/adventures and this Kickstarter will prove it. I hate to tell Kevin Crawford this but if I do pledge some money it will be because this is a Kevin Crawford product, not because of the setting.

I love his work and nothing he has produced thus far has been bad, in fact, his products are above the norm.

callin 2012-10-11 13:55 UTC

@Harald – indeed! :)

@Callin – I’m not sure. After all, Nyambe for d20 was mentioned a lot back when it was new. Then again, I bought it and never played it. So perhaps that’s true for many of the others who bought it.

AlexSchroeder 2012-10-11 14:54 UTC

I have Nyambe as well along with one of its sourcebooks. While I never ran it as written I did include parts of it in my 3E campaign. I am indeed a completionist. However, with this particular offering I am more drawn by the author than the actual setting.

callin 2012-10-11 15:43 UTC

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