2012-11-08 Temple of Set


I used 13 acolytes of Set: HD 2 AC 4 D 1d6 SV 15 ML 9 with chain and shield, long knives; they like to cast inflict light wounds in the first round of combat; and a priest HD 7 AC 4 D 1d6 SV 10 ML 10 with the following spells: sticks to snakes, animal growth, charm snake, talk to animals, dispel magic, hold person, fear, blindness and some others I have not determined. The snakes have HD 1 AC 6 D 1d4 SV 16 ML 7. If enlarged, HD 5 AC 6 D 2d6 (no need to roll in subsequent rounds as it keeps constricting) SV 15 ML 8. Use the same stats if he charms the giant python he keeps in the snake pit and sends it after the party.

I used badger people for slaves. The party decided to drop yellow mold down into the flesh pit, followed by burning wood drenched in oil. I decided this killed 4 acolytes, all the rats and all the snakes in the snake pit. Actually, it burnt the rats, suffocated the acolytes and turned the vipers into yellow mold. When faced with a pit of yellow mold, they wondered about washing it down by ripping down the pipe with running water but then decided to just burn it using more oil.

I had two acolytes taking a bath without armor and they were killed quickly. The session ended with the party discovering the secret door, continuing into the prayer hall and trying to draw the acolytes into a fight at the choke point. The priest has been sending nine little snakes and a giant python… And the session ended with a cliff hanger!

(The party also consists of nearly twenty characters including five giant apes.)



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