2012-11-28 RPG Bookshelf

The bookshelf with my RPG books. I can see Planescape boxes, a lot of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 books, a lot of Necromancer Games books, a lot of Dungeon Crawl Classic stuff (all for D&D 3.5), a lot of Pathfinder modules, adventure paths, rules, a whole lot of OSR things I bought from Lulu including a lot of Labyrinth Lord and Fight On! magazine, some digest size indie products such as all the Luke Crane products, Spirit of the Century, Mouse Guard, there are also some books for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing, Pendragon and the Great Pendragon Campaign, some binders, campaign notes, a few very old products for Das Schwarze Auge...

The Star Wars Saga edition core book, the Mongoose Traveller books and Diaspora are in another bookshelf.

When I’m preparing for my campaigns, however, I mostly use very few books, these days.

For Pendragon: Pendragon and the Great Pendragon Campaign books, nothing else.

For Labyrinth Lord: The Labyrinth Lord rules and the Monster Compendium: 0e, An Echo Resounding for the domain game, a bunch of One Page Dungeon Contest entries I printed.



I spy torx wrenches, Porta Pros, and books on Tcl/Tk and LaTeX. And some RPG stuff.

– Paul Gorman 2012-11-28

Hahaha. Yes indeed. There are also travel guides, cookbooks, some other coding books on Python, Haskell, Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure and Perl, some very nice books on diagrams by Edward Tufte, books on architecture by Christopher Alexander and more.

– Alex Schroeder 2012-11-28

When a learned scholar prepares for a piece of work s/he has a thousand books behind them, but knows which one to select for the task.

– James Moffatt 2012-11-28

Jeez that is such a great photo.

– Jeff Maughan 2012-11-28

...and I see that this photo must be at least one or one and a half years old. 🙂

– Florian Hübner 2012-11-29

Indeed, because it has your copy of Warhammer on the shelf! 🙂

– Alex Schroeder 2012-11-30

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