2012-12-12 An Echo Resounding Summary

I need a simple one page summary of An Echo Resounding for the players in my game.

Every location on the map can have values. These are measured in three categories: military, wealth and social. These values are provided by different kinds of assets.

  1. customs cannot be changed: the people living in a particular location might have a spartan culture resulting in a military value of 4
  2. buildings can be built and torn down: barracks provide a military value of 2
  3. processes can be implemented and aborted: military spending converts the wealth of a location to military value at a rate of 2:1

Some buildings a domain might start building:


Yes, since the militia can’t move, it essentially acts like a building: an immobile asset.

Total up all the value provided by the assets in your domain.

Compare your domain’s values to the upkeep cost of all the units in your domain. Units are usually mobile and consist of roughly a hundred individuals.

Some military units:

Light Infantry17120’1d6F171M 1W 0SSpear Tactics
Heavy Infantry2490’1d8F282M 2W 0S
Ape Soldiers46120’1d8F273M 3W 0S

Every month, the player domain gets two domain moves. The ones with emphasis are the important ones.

  1. attack a location (with units)
  2. disband an asset
  3. establish an asset (requires three successful checks: difficulty is 12 + sum of the values provided, roll d20 + bonus based on your domain’s existing values, all difficulties go down by one with each failed roll)
  4. establish or erase a location (on the map)
  5. move a unit
  6. punish atrocity (needs scapegoat)
  7. rectify disruption (removes 1d4+2 points of disruption)
  8. repair an asset (heal units for many hit-points as the domain has military value, distribute at will, scarce units require 2:1 and rare units require 4:1)
  9. solve an obstacle (requires a unit of a particular type at hand to reduce the local obstacle by 1d4 on a successful saving throw + bonus based on your domain’s appropriate value, see table below; failed saves result in a point of disruption)
  10. withdraw treasure

Your domain’s values may also provide a bonus for the domain moves described above:


The various kinds of obstacles and which units are best used to solve them:

ObstacleValue TypeUnit
UprisingMilitaryany military unit

Military units were listed above. The other unit types also have upkeep costs:

Merchant120’T10M 2W 0S
Sage120’M10M 2W 0S
Prophet120’C10M 0W 2S
Magistrate120’T10M 0W 2S



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