2012-12-12 Stabbing the unruliness

Regarding An Echo Resounding: To solve Disorder/Military obstacles you need Guardsmen (p. 29). This appears to be a unit ability (p. 62). However, none of the units appear to have this ability (p. 59, p. 61). I think a unit or two got dropped from the final product during editing. Perhaps I’ll just use heavy infantry as guardsmen. That’s how imagine them: chain, shield, standing watch by the gates, on the walls…

I mailed Kevin Crawford and he replied saying that the list of support units on page 61 was missing “Watchmen and Veteran Watchmen units with costs of 1M 0W 1S and 1M 1W 2S respectively, and Guardsman and Guardsman+2 traits.”

Also: “As the GM, you can also feel free to apply the Guardsman trait to any military unit that seems to have had the chance to learn how to keep civilians in order without simply stabbing the unruliness out of them.” 🙂



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