2013-01-23 Handyman

I replaced the lens cover on my iPhone 4!

  1. I watched this German video on YouTube.
  2. I read this encouraging German report on how to do it.
  3. I ordered some stuff from a Swiss website.

I had to order two lens covers because the minimum order is 10 CHF (about 10 USD):

iPhone 4 Kamera Halter mit Chrom Ring und Linse R1-B-030 2 11,80 CHF
iPhone 5 4S 4 Werkzeugset 5in1 Tool-IP4-Rot 1 3,90 CHF
Zwischensumme 14,54 CHF
Versandkosten 0,00 CHF
MwSt. 1,16 CHF
Gesamtsumme 15,70 CHF

Work, work...

Schönes Wetter, Baustellen, Graffiti
Yay! 👌 :)



I recently needed to replace the lens cover again. And a day later it falls to the floor and the back cover shatters. Aaaaargh! Ordering one more spare lens cover and a new back cover. Luckily, this stuff is cheap.

AlexSchroeder 2013-07-18 20:14 UTC

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