2013-03-01 Old School Red Hand of Doom

I’m going to run [RedHandOfDoom Red Hand of Doom] for Zeno and the kids. Their Labyrinth Lord characters got upgraded to 20’000 XP. That makes the three elves are level four, the dwarf and the cleric are level five.

I used the standard monsters from the Labyrinth Lord book:

A lot of groaning was heard when the monster line up grew in every round. One hell hound breathing fire, eight hobgoblin archers targeting the only enemy not in melee: an elf wearing leather armor… it was tough!

I left the treasure unchanged but noted that 4d6 hobgoblins come with treasure type XIX, which I randomly determined to be 6000 cp, 7000 sp, 3000 gp, 6 gems (1170 gp) and a jewel (1500 gp). I’ll add this treasure to Vraath keep.

The party killed the warg riders and set fire to the stables. Then they managed to alert everybody using phantasmal force trying to lure the minotaur away but he decided to alert the manticore instead. This is when they decided to fall back. Luckily, they had approached under a silence spell, so no problem running away. And will the wargs killed, there is probably not going to be a hot pursuit.

The treasure type III for goblins underground means that 7 ep get added to the treasure. Another treasure type XIX for the manticore and type XX for the minotaur → a total of 3000 sp extra. No extra – treasure – for the magic user except for his spell book.

I think this will be going well!

Edit note: I marked the info I ended up not taking into account as deleted.



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