2013-05-23 One Page Dungeon Contest Status Update

Google Spreadsheet is my friend…

We’ve been tallying the nominations, looking at our favorites and comparing notes for the One Page Dungeon Contest 2013. It looks like we’re going to have 17 winners this year. This looks about right, compared to previous years. In 2009 there were a lot of honorable mentions and runner-ups but only three winners. I personally like to spread prizes around and celebrate the sheer variety of submissions we get every year. It’s a win for everyone.

Year Entries Winners
2013 72 17
2012 107 24
2011 71 15
2010 64 18
2009 112 3/6/12

I hope we’ll be able to finalize the list soon enough!

What will happen next:

  1. assemble a PDF with the winners
  2. publish the list of winners and link to the PDF
  3. celebrate!
  4. notify winners by email and ask them to create a wish-list based on the prizes donated by our sponsors
  5. try and maximize happiness using another spreadsheet
  6. notify sponsors and winners and have sponsors send their prizes directly to the winners (except for the cash prize; I’ll handle that one since the sponsor wants to remain anonymous)
  7. celebrate again! :)

Hopefully my work is done before June 8, because that’s when I’ll leave for a two week vacation to Sardinia. Yay!



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