2013-07-24 Drellin’s Fall

Today I will be running Red Hand of Doom using Labyrinth Lord rules for a friend of his and his kids again. Some notes for myself regarding the fall of Drelling:

“Goblins on the western shore!” Join Captain Soranna and her militia as they cross over?

Five rounds later:

Warnings of “road blockades, hobgoblins and ogres up in the north” by Teyani Sura, a Lion of Brindol. (Maybe one of the players will eventually want to join them?)

When the attack on Drellin starts, the fight is hopeless. The stats will be useful for future encounters, however. The stats are Open Gaming Content based on the Labyrinth Lord OGL.

Massacre at Drellin’s Ferry, first wave:

Second wave:

Third wave:

Fourth wave:

If summoned:

In the aftermath, looters:

Happening upon a battlefield, where ettins just killed some dwarves with mercenary pay to a nearby hold. (Will the party deliver the 6000 gold to the dwarves?)

When helping some wounded refugees, one female “travelling sorcerer” with a bandaged arm is very curious and asks a lot of questions. In fact, she’s a spider woman spy.

Tracked by barghests (goblin werwolves) near an abandoned farmhouse.

Assassins on their trail!



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