2013-08-07 Magic Swords

Jeff Rients was looking for magic swords named after rock ‘n’ roll songs, “preferably metal.”

Looking at my most played titles on last.fm, I don’t see any heavy metal songs. We’ll see what we can do anyway.

High Lonesome: Sword +1/+3 fighting alone; if you do fight alone, a dirge starts playing softly as soon as you draw the blade.

The 59 Sound: Glowing sword +1; once the sword is drawn, every damage roll of 5 or 9 increases the energy level of the sword; once the energy level reaches 10, a huge flash of light erupts from the blade and thunder rolls across the landscape; everybody within 60 ft. including the wielder needs to save vs. paralysis or drop unconscious for one turn. The energy level drops back to zero when sheathed or when not used in combat for one turn.

Meet Me By The River’s Edge: Sword +1/+3 vs. former loved ones; allows wielder of unsheathed sword to walk on water while fighting; allows wielder to draw a line or a circle in the water causing a wall of water to rise: save vs. dragon breath or take 1d6 damage and be stunned for one round (the line extends for 100ft if a line is drawn).

The energy level of 10 needs some play testing, I think. Should the energy level drop after a flash or should those that don’t fail their save be able to pick up the glowing sword and continue blasting? What about the envious sword “vs. formed loved ones” – I’m sure that doesn’t happen too often in a game.



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