2013-08-21 One Roll Dungeon Stocking

When I stocked my dungeon yesterday, I used the Moldvay Dungeon Stocking procedure. To be honest, my wife used it. The two tables are somewhat confusing.


d6 Result d6 Monster Trap Empty
1–2 Monster 1 Yes Yes Yes
3 Trap 2 Yes Yes No
4 Special 3 Yes No No
5–6 Empty 4–6 No No No

I couldn’t find a blog post translating Moldvay’s dungeon stocking table into a single table. I’m sure I saw it somewhere. That would have helped us. (Edit: I guess I was remembering this discussion of the OD&D restocking procedure by Sham.)

Let’s do it ourselves, then. Writing out all the results:

     1   2   3   4   5   6
 1   M$  M$  M$  M   M   M
 2   M$  M$  M$  M   M   M
 3   T$  T$  T   T   T   T
 4   S   S   S   S   S   S
 5   E$  E   E   E   E   E
 6   E$  E   E   E   E   E

Counting occurences:

# Contents and Treasure
6 Monster and treasure
6 Monster
2 Trap and unguarded treasure
4 Trap
6 Special
2 Unguarded Treasure
10 Empty

Transforming this into a d36 table:

d36Contents and Treasure
1–6 Monster and treasure
7–12 Monster
13–14 Trap and unguarded treasure
15–18 Trap
19–24 Special
25–26 Unguarded Treasure
27–36 Empty

Or divide it by two to get a d18 table:

d18Contents and Treasure
1–3 Monster and treasure
4–6 Monster
7 Trap and unguarded treasure
8–9 Trap
10–12 Special
13 Unguarded Treasure
14–18 Empty

Too bad there is no such d18. We should change that to a d20 table. Let’s see if we can do it using Labyrinth Lord.

01–30 Empty 15%
31–60 Monster 50%
61–75 Trap 30%
76–00 Unique var.

We just multiply the percentages from the table:

ContentsWith TreasureNo Treasure
Empty 4.5% 25.5%
Monster 15% 15%
Trap 4.5% 10.5%
Unique 25%

We could simplify the above by rounding to increments of 5% and translating this to a d20, reusing the order from the d18 table:

d20Contents and Treasure
1–3 Monster and treasure
4–6 Monster
7 Trap and unguarded treasure
8–9 Trap
10–14 Special
15 Unguarded Treasure
16–20 Empty

It’s very close to Moldvay, I’d say. And it’s probably less confusing. I can’t count the times I got confused by the Moldvay tables. :)

Reordering it for excitement, I guess:

d20Contents and Treasure
1–5 Empty
6 Unguarded treasure
7 Trap and unguarded treasure
8–9 Trap
10–12 Monster
13–15 Monster and treasure
16–20 Special

I need to stick this into my campaign book.



I would... ah, nonsense, I will change the special to a little less and the empty to a little more. Just because. ;)

Rorschachhamster 2013-08-21 17:02 UTC

“Special” needs a bit more work, that’s true. :)

AlexSchroeder 2013-08-22 08:40 UTC

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