2013-11-13 RPG Geek

I recently learned about Bryce Lynch’s adventure design contest which he is holding on RPG Geek. He said he wanted the contributions to be added to the database, and so I added mine. And I realized once again, what a wonderful resource this. Apparently every single adventure, every little house rule collection, every fantasy heartbreaker, they can all be entered into the database. I think I’m going to do this. A kind soul already added the Fight On! issues to RPG Geek. And so I think I’m going to start adding stuff I was involved in. A kind soul already added Stonehell Dungeon, where I acted as an editor.

I just submitted the following:

I like it.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people online are asking for a comprehensive RPG database of artists, editors, and so on. Well, as far as I can tell, RPG Geek serves the purpose.



It’s user driven, too. So the more people adding stuff the more useful it will be!

I’ve entered a fair amount of OSR material, but not exclusively OSR, I add anything I find that isn’t in the database already. There’s so much excellent content out there, it really deserves to be recognised and catalogued.

Rod Batten 2013-11-13 21:44 UTC

Thanks for the link Alex! (I’d thought of adding some of my stuff there before, but was too lazy to create a user account ;)

Gavin Norman 2013-11-14 07:05 UTC

@Gavin: Now you just need to create a username, claim the designer Person and your user account are the same, and upload a nice picture. :)

@Rod: In my mind, there still are some fuzzy issues. How small is too small for a DB entry, for example? I felt weird adding an entry for a one page adventure, for example. The number of one page PDF files out there is staggering. I think it’s also weird that RPG Geek doesn’t allow “deep links” to PDF files directly. I need to upload the files. How “deep” does a link have to be in order to be “too deep”? A link to a github page where one could download the PDF was accepted, for example. I need to get a better feel for the expectations RPG Geek has.

I just checked the One Page Dungeon Contest series on RPG Geek and how it links the PDFs with the winners, the print issues, and many or all of the individual entries. This is amazing!

AlexSchroeder 2013-11-14 09:32 UTC

I said that I needed a better feel for the RPG Geek expectations. Well, I’m currently somewhat confused by the picture upload policy.

I uploaded a public domain map of Mesopotamia for a game that is about playing heroes in a mythical Mesopotamia. It was rejected.

I uploaded a map I had drawn for an adventure of mine. It was rejected.

I uploaded a “logo” I wanted to provide as a relevant image of a PDF of mine that has no cover image. It was rejected.

There were always reasons provided but I think for the moment I’m done with uploading images. I just don’t a feel for the images they like to see.

When I considered uploading images of PDF products by other people, I was told that I needed to get the permission of the authors. I guess it’s not good enough to assume an implicit permission to use miniature cover pages. That was bit too much effort to spend in it. Yeah, I’m done with uploading images for the moment.

AlexSchroeder 2013-11-16 20:52 UTC

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