2014-07-20 Sir Walther von Klingen

I’ve joined The Summer Faire of Karog using Sir Walther von Klingen, also known as Sir Walther of Blades, if you catch my drift.

The character creation rules used for The FlailSnails Jousting Tourney are cruel and harsh.


Knight Name: Sir Walther von Klingen
Player Name: Alex Schroeder
Class/Level: Fighting Man (Bachelor) 1
HP: 6 / 1
AC: 8
Str: 11
Int: 10
Wis: 9
Dex: 9
Con: 8
Cha: 4
Horse: Light Warhorse
Armor Worn: Boiled Leather
Shield Type: Reinforced Kite Shield
Gold: 35


Squire Name: Ulrich
Class/Level: Fighting Man 1
HP: 4
AC: 5
Gear: Scale Mail, Wooden Round Shield, Sword, Dagger

No retinue.

As it turns out, Sir Walther was beaten by Sir Enguerrand in the first round of the tourney. He was unable to buy back his Mail Hauberk and his Medium Warhorse. And so he left, hurting badly, on a light warhorse and with cheap boiled leather armor.



My wife saw me create my knight and enjoyed my mumblings so she wanted to create a knight as well, and so here is Sir Aliduke, in honor of her first knight in our Great Pendragon Campaign... Good times!

Knight Name: Sir Aliduke de Giez
Player Name: Claudia Frei
Class/Level: Fighting Man (Mercenary) 1
HP: 6
AC: 5
Str: 9
Int: 16
Wis: 10
Dex: 9
Con: 6
Cha: 11
Horse: Riding Horse
Armor Worn: Mail Hauberk
Shield Type: Reinforced Round Shield


Squire Name: Wendel
Class/Level: Magic-User 1
HP: 3
AC: 6
Gear: Dagger, Spell Book with Sleep and Read Magic

Retinue: 2 Filthy Peasants you pay to guard your camp.



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