2014-07-28 Israel

Sam Harris wrote a blog post, Why Don’t I Criticize Israel? As one who read more Noam Chomsky than I could bear, as one who donated money to the Electronic Intifada, I think I’m clearly in the camp critical of Israel, and yet Sam Harris’ article gave me pause. So, even if you’re quite sure of the opinions you hold, even if you think that the moral aspects of what Hamas says need to be balanced with the actual power they wield, that article is still interesting.

For the record: My favorite solution would be for all the evil dudes to be tried in court, for Israel and Palestine to unify, for the establishment of a secular state, for a solid protection of minorities, for equal rights for everybody. I’m just not quite sure of the means to get there. 😰

There is also a huge economic issue at hand. I want some sort of land reform that undoes all the confiscating and appropriating of “abandoned” land. I want the refugees in the neighbouring countries to return. This will come at an incredible cost, at a point where nobody can afford these things. But the current situation comes at a cost just a daunting.

I keep thinking about Apartheid and how it went, and how much it cost, and how much there still is to do. I just can’t think of an alternative, at the moment.



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