2014-10-15 Adventure Prep

Last year, I wrote about the session preparation process. To recap, I listed the following points:

Here’s what it looks like on a typical day. As you can see, the non-player characters aren’t developed much. I know one elf sorcerer, a demon boar, and I have names for five mummies and their master. That’s it.

As for minions, I listed some jackal men (gnolls), gray elves (elves), lemures (goblins) with numbers according to the Labyrinth Lord monster section, and I had a simple 1d6 random encounter table with some monster names from the desert chart. That’s it.

I had some complications such as the river Styx (and no touching it) as well as cursed magic items as a trap for thieves (as our cleric is high level, the trap is only dangerous if the thief sneaks in ahead of everybody else and gets transformed into a gecko without the cleric being able to break the curse).

The reward is two-fold. There is treasure, of course, and there’s the mission my players were on: to plant the gate seed for the stone giant invasion and thereby lure them away from their own domain.

All in all this took maybe an hour or two of reading, scribbling and resulted in a three hour session. Not very efficient by my old standard (1h prep for a 4h game) but I guess I enjoy this sort of prep.





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