2014-11-30 SVG Charactersheet

I’ve been using the character tool for Halberds and Helmets to maintain character sheets on Campaign Wiki. Some examples?


Labyrinth Lord:

How does it work?

You need a SVG character sheet. The easiest way to create these would be Inkscape. Example: Charactersheet.svg

Any text element with a particular id can be replaced with a parameter. But which ids are in that SVG file? The tool will show them to you:

Note how you can provide the URL to any SVG file on the web!

You can now provide values using parameters.

The tool actually has an editor, where you can edit the parameters:

The format used by the editor is the same format used on the Campaign Wiki pages containing a character sheet.

The code will compute various things for you, if it knows how to do it. It will compute the strength bonus if you provide the strength parameter, for example. See the documentation for more information. As you can see, the tool knows of various rule sets and computes parameters depending on the rule set in use.

If you have a character sheet that you would like to use with the Halberds and Helmets tool, talk to me. Inkscape allows you to embed ordinary images into the SVG file and it can convert PDF files to SVG.



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