2015-09-13 Highgate

Brett Simpson used my SVG Mapper for Traveller to generate a little booklet for the subsector he’s been working on.

Highgate by Brett Simpson

Brett says: “There is no need to add a link to a page, as the only pages I have are unrelated to role-playing.”



Frorha             0102 B100440-A M Ni Va Ic          804 Re A7 III
Canton             0103 D355868-5 M O:0102            624 Re G1 V M5 V
Lusitania          0104 X885500-9   Ag Ni Ep St      R810 Re G5 V
Oakhurst           0105 C889598-6   Ni Ep             703 Re K8 V M7 V
Thorpe             0109 B434323-A   Lo Ni             901 Re G6 V
Westcott           0201 C130311-A   Lo Ni Po          634 Re G6 V
Osumi              0204 B676359-8   Lo Ni Ep          523 Re K9 V
Afars              0207 D200AE2-C   Na Hi In Va Ic    513 Re G7 V
Belep              0210 C234547-B M Ni                301 Re G6 V
Bayou System       0304 C78189D-6   Ri Co             313 Re M4 V M0 V
Devix              0307 A7A248B-A   Fl Ni             202 Re M5 V
Espana             0308 B300679-7 J Na Ni Va Ic      B702 Re A3 V
Caribbean          0402 B9896Y8-8   Ni Ri Ep          512 Re G6 V M4 V M3 V
Tardino            0403 C4307A8-7   Na Po             801 Re K4 V K3 V
Androxis           0409 A460784-C   Ri Cp             602 Re K9 V
Gwun               0502 B739445-9   Ni                523 Re F5 II
Iorillo            0503 D573556-5   Ni                200 Re F5 V K2 D
Leeman             0505 D99369E-3 M Ni Gl             213 Re M5 V
Osasesh            0705 X211168-9   Lo Ni Ic O:0804  A303 Re F3 D
Quelaa             0804 B665333-B   Lo Ni Ep          802 Re G8 V
Rothe              0805 D100734-4   Na Va Ic          123 Re K4 V
Triperrat          0806 B8A4778-7   Fl               B713 Re K4 III
Abu Musa           0809 C847844-6 M Ep                404 Re G5 V

– Damon 2016-09-29

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