2015-11-15 Prep

Joey Lindsey recently asked on Google+ about adventure prep.

My answer: I start with a theme or a particular need based on the campaign. Then I draw a map, perhaps a rough one, perhaps just a point crawl, based on some visuals I want in my game. I’ll often add doodles to bridge the time between interesting ideas. They don’t come so fast, sadly. The doodles also serve as visual reminders for later. At the same time, I start thinking about the monsters and make a big random list of them. Sometimes there are small lists per area or level instead of a single big one. Most of these monsters also have a lair where they’re guaranteed to be. Then I’ll roll for treasure and I usually accept what the table tells me. If the campaign setup requires a particular item to be here, then I’ll add it as well.

The order of these elements will sometimes vary. I might also start with the doodle of a monster, add stats, make a list, and then draw a map. Rolling up treasure always comes last, however.

Some recent examples:

https://alexschroeder.ch/pics/17963087830_db75b1f2c3_c.jpg https://alexschroeder.ch/pics/16805958768_71c38355d9_c.jpg https://alexschroeder.ch/pics/16117940957_2a1cb1ed31_c.jpg https://alexschroeder.ch/pics/14796855991_9fcfe7a295_c.jpg



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