2016-01-03 Squid Faces

The Face Generator now generates squid faces, a.k.a. mindflayers... For those of you needing a squid face or two. And as always, the faces generated are dedicated to the public domain.

The things I’m not happy with:

  1. I ran out of ink half way through drawing the elements and since I try to always wash the fountain pen as I change cartridges, the tentacles turned out very light. I tried to correct it in The Gimp but it isn’t perfect.
  2. I discovered that my layout of facial features was sloppy. There’s a big white area where a human nose would be, but I can’t put a nose there. I can’t move the tentacles up because the jaw lines and the lower eye ridges will interfere. Gah! More planning, less enthusiasm, next time.

I’m not sure whether I’m going to spend more time fixing squid faces. I don’t expect to use them all that often. If you find that you really, really need then, contact me and we’ll talk about it. Hope springs eternal, after all.

Squid Faces



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