2016-01-28 Good and Evil is No Good

Recently, Dallas M wondered about alignment, on Google+. He was thinking naming them “Cosmic Alignment” when talking about Law vs. Chaos and “Moral Alignment” when talking about Good vs. Evil.

As I said a few years ago, “contentious, unexplained elements fuel discussions and thus these items remain in the popular consciousness. [...] Alignment just happens to have these properties: contentious and unexplained.”

My take is this: Law vs. Chaos and Good vs. Evil are not equivalent at the table. I use Law vs. Chaos in my game. This also happens because the players are split in that regard. They’re trying to raise a god who had lost followers because an alignment shift along that axis and they’re trying to push the resurrected god’s alignment in their favor. So, lots of material for the game.

Good and Evil? Not so much. I dislike spending time at with people describing the evil deeds they are doing. There’s rarely grounds for discussion. The way forward is always obvious.



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