2016-05-09 Adult Coloring Books

Andy Kitkowski posted a link to the Heian Dynasty Coloring Book, on Google+. It looks gorgeous (Amazon Japan, Blog).

It does look very nice! It also make me wonder about all these coloring books that I see in the book stores and gift shops these days. What kind of new hobby is this? All these “adult coloring books”, I don’t understand. When did this start? Know of any good article I could read?

As it turns out, my mom recently told me that she had also started doing it!

When did this trend start? Is this something that started in Japan? Is this related to the push for “mindfulness” or a sign of increased stress, or infantilisation? I’m still confused.

This piece in The New Yorker had some answers: Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books (for Themselves).

I just googled japanese adult coloring book and there are some very pretty things out there to print out and color. But as for myself, I still think I’d rather create more. Write. Code. Paint. Make some music.



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