2016-05-26 Proletariat, Precariat, Unnecessariat

The best explanation for the rise of Trump: Unnecessariat.

The Unnecessariat is not like the Proletariat of old, the people who worked hard, nor the Precariat, the people who feared for their jobs but worked. The Unnecessariat are the rest of us. No job, no hope, no future. I remember seeing the first glimpse of that as I watched the movie Winter's Bones (2010). White trash and Meth.

I also like the long arc the Unnecessariat story takes. Gay men dying of AIDS. The economy is not coming back. You can practically hear Bruce Springsteen singing about the post-industrial landscape. Politics for the rich. New tech gadgets for the rich. Tesla! Mars! iPad! For the rich… The rest are simply – unnecessary. No matter who they vote for. But if they vote Trump, at least we'll all go down in flames.

Hello, Hofer, Petry, Le Pen, Orbán. Blocher.

So much posting today. I am alone at home, with a cold. It’s sad, really.



Erkältet? Aber nicht alleine! lese jeden Satz und denke ähnlich.

Chris 2016-05-28 12:54 UTC

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