2016-09-01 NPC Treasure

I was wondering about non-player character treasure, on Google+. I like rolling on a table and I might say stuff like “this magic user is so powerful, I’ll just use the Vampire treasure type”. What else might I look into?

I knew about the treasure table in the Dungeon Masters Guide but I remember them resulting in a very different mix of magic items than has been common in my campaign.

So here’s my table.

Fighter, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling

This is stuff for a fighter that’s part of a non-player party, the leader of a few men. Armor appropriate to stature. This is what fighter levels usually mean in my campaign, and the bonus for the treasure table below.

Level Bonus Role
1 +0 guards, bandits
3 +2 veterans, village heroes, sergeants, squad commanders, leading ten men-at-arms
5 +4 town leaders, captains, company commanders, leading a unit of a hundred men-at-arms
7 +6 lieutenants, second-in-commands
9 +8 rulers of a castle, of a hex, of a tribe, barons

In the treasure table below, horses and chariots are all found only outside a dungeon, obviously.

1d6 Equipment Treasure
1 Poor: chain, spear 1d4×10 gold
2 Solid: plate, shield, helmet, sword 1d6×10 gold
3 Rich: as above plus lance, horse 1d10×10 gold
4 Noble: as above plus barding 3d6×10 gold
5 Loot: as above plus bow 3d6×10 gold, 1d4 gems
6 Benefactor: as above but with elven sword +1 3d6×10 gold, 1d6 gems
7 Aide: as above but with elven lance +1 3d6×10 gold, 2d6 gems
8 Elf Friend: as above but with elven bow +1 3d6×10 gold, 2d6 gems, 1d4 jewelry
9 Ruler: as above plus special item (see below) 5d6×10 gold, 2d6 gems, 1d6 jewelry
10 Lord: as above but with a set of elven arms and armor: plate +1, shield +1, matching helmet 5d6×10 gold, 3d6 gems, 1d6 jewelry
11 Delver: as above but with a set of dwarven arms and armor: plate +2, shield +2, matching helmet, sword +2, and a chariot 5d6×10 gold, 3d6 gems, 2d6 jewelry
12 Powerful: as above but with a flaming (+1d6 damage) sword +2 or a dwarven throwing hammer +3 if a dwarf, gauntlets of ogre power (strength 18) 5d6×10 gold, 4d6 gems, 2d6 jewelry
13 Higher Calling: as above but with angelic or hellish and armor: plate +3, shield +3, matching helmet, special sword of light or darkness +3 (see below) 5d6×10 gold, 4d6 gems, 3d6 jewelry
14 Special: as above but with a very special sword (see below) 5d6×10 gold, 5d6 gems, 3d6 jewelry

Jewelry: 3d6×100 gold (average is about 1000 gold each) – rings, hair bands, crowns, bracelets, necklaces, amulets, hair needles, etc.

Gems: use the table below (average is about 200 gold each)

1d20 Gems
1–4 10 gold
5–9 50 gold
10–15 100 gold
16–19 500 gold
20 1000 gold

Special item:

1d6 Special Item
1 A random potion, roll 1d8: 1. diminuition (6”, 2h), 2. ferocity (double damage, 2h), 3. fly (2h), 4. healing (1d6+1, 3×), 5. invisibility, 6. love, 7. shape-changing, 8. speed (two action per round)
2 A random ring, roll 1d4: 1. djinni calling (1/day, for a day), 2. fire resistance (immune to normal fire, +2 to saves, all fire damage dice -1), 3. minor creation (non-magical, portable things, 2h), 4. protection (AC +1)
3 A random miscellaneous item, roll 1d4: 1. bag of holding (opens a small portal to another sphere), 2. boots of speed (double movement speed), 3. elemental summoning device (it takes 10min to perform the ritual, the element is determined by the device: bowl means water, brazier means fire, censer means air, stone means earth), 4. elven cloak (hiding 5-in-6 when not moving)
4 Their weapon is special: it can glow as bright as daylight produce a dark mist like the continual light spell and its reverse, at will
5 Their weapon is special: it grants them a permanent aura of authority (charisma 18)
6 A horn of battle that will summon 2d4 barbarians from the next world to fight for you until killed, HD 1+1 AC 7 1d6 MV 12

Swords with a higher calling:

1d4 Calling
1 +1/+3 vs. lycanthropes, forged by the high inquisitors
2 +1/+3 vs. spell casters, forged in the philosopher’s war
3 +1/+3 vs. undead, an angelic sword forged in heaven
4 +1/+3 vs. dragons, an old elven sword forged in the dragon wars

Very special weapons:

Add more special weapons as needed...



Use the special item table above.



Use the special item table above.



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