2016-10-08 Ape

I’m trying to get some practice using the Zen Brush 2 app on my iPad Pro and so I decided to try and post a drawing a day or more, if I can. The collection is public, like all of my collections, but I didn’t add all of you to it. You have to opt in. This is the announcement where you can click to check out the collection and decide to follow. Or not. No worries! I’m mainly looking for criticism—words that will make my pictures better. More emotion, more story, less strokes, more white space, whatever. And who knows, perhaps I will end up buying an oversized brush and some ink stone one day and work with rice paper instead of an app. 😼

Ape, Giant.

Practicing for the “albino ape” monster manual entry. White monkeys sitting in a Japanese warm water spring.

I think it needs stronger hair. But how can it be white, then? Also, full body and not just a head? I just checked the white apes of Mars. “they possess two sets of arms, [...] they are almost completely hairless, save for a shock of white hair on top of their heads.” – White Apes

Ok, so I’m guessing my apes are not “from Mars”.

Second attempt at white apes. Reference from the Daily Mail.



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