2016-10-12 Giant Bees

Bee, Giant

Trying to keep the pace up, one monster manual entry per day. When the illustration doesn’t work, I might give it a retry or two but that’s it. It’s more important to finish the monster manual than to polish the entries. Today: Killer Bees. I was happy to find an article on carnivorous bees online. No pollen and flowers. Instead they raid wasp nests, steal toad eggs, and eat human babies, for the purposes of this game. 🙂

Sadly, the carnivorous bees are reported to be stingless. But that’s why it’s a fantasy game, right?

I’m still wondering whether I just make them even larger. I ran an entire campaign arc on the Monster Manual IV (D&D 3.5) entry for Lizardfolk, Dark Talon Tribe. Those Dark Talon Wasp Riders really made my day!

I changed their HD from 2+1 to 4+1 and their size from 3 ft. to “as large as a cow.”



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