2017-02-04 Blogging

On G+, somebody recently asked about blogging advice and I wrote the following:

Plan to blog for the long run – like working without a burnout, like living without a midlife crisis. Only write when you do not depend on well wishes of others. Only write about the issues you care about. Only write when you feel like it.

Will you stop if nobody reads your blog for a week? Will you stop if you get a comment saying you’re an idiot? Will you stop if you don’t get a single +1 or Like? If you are, then I predict that you will stop blogging within a year because there will always be weeks when this happens.

I use my blog as a public notepad. Write things you want to remember. Write things you want to link back to in the future.

Others may occasionally find something on my site by searching the web even if they don’t follow my blog. Regular readers are a happy bonus.

Don’t think about other people’s interests because they’re hard to guess and even if you knew, if they’re not your own, then it should be called work.



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