2017-03-04 Monster List

Remember the monster manual I’ve been working on? The current status is not so bad:

Ape, GiantBasiliskBearBee, GiantBeetle, Giant BoarBugbearCat, LargeCentaurCentipede, GiantChimeraCrab, GiantCreeperCrocodileDoppelgängerDragonDwarf (NPC)ElephantElf (NPC)EttinGargoyleGhoulGiantGnollGnomeGoblinGolemGorgonGryphonHalfling (NPC)HarpyHellhoundHobgoblinHorseHumanHydraIfritInvisible StalkerJinniLamprey, Giant PsychicLizard, GiantLizard, PeopleLycanthropeManticoreMaridMedusaMinotaurMummyWeasel, GiantWorm, Giant

Basically it’s good enough for me to take the booklet and use it at the table. I’ve already noticed a few things.

  1. The ghoul fear attack is weird and doesn’t work as intended. As I was using ghouls in a recent encounter, they just jumped the party and fought in melee.
  2. I need hags and shamans and other magic users with a bunch of interesting spells as monsters.
  3. While writing the book I’ve started to wonder whether I should just move away from the tricky calculation of monster XP back to the very old 100XP/HD. Sure, suddenly we’re back to gaining levels by killing 20 orcs. But is that such a problem? I don’t think so. Determining what counts as a special ability and what does not is boring.



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