2017-04-25 Equipment List

I like my equipment list small. For every item I ask: how is it’s presence or absence going to change the game? The point being that the list should be short and suggestive of the setting. Anything else just costs 1gp and needs no suggesting.

That’s why I like the Moldvay list: the things I remember all have a specific use.

Similar ideas:

More such useful items would have to go hand in hand with new monsters, I think. The thought process would be: the monster we care about is goblins. What would “help” against goblins? Do they flee from dogs, unconditionally? What would help against manticores? Do they hate the sound of trumpets? What would help against shadows? Would a room full of candles eliminate all shadows and thus prevent them from emerging?

Arnold started it all by collecting stuff for his equipment list on G+. Comment there, if you have additions. I wrote a post about how I would expand on the equipment list, also on G+. Comment there if you want to talk about the criteria to include or exclude items. Or leave your comment here, on the blog. :)



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