2017-06-12 Fountain Pen

Every now and then I’ve been writing about my notebooks. Some of them are nameless diaries for teenagers with fancy covers, some are litte pocket-sized Moleskine books, others are bigger Moleskine books. And I’m not happy! A while ago I got a LAMY Studio fountain pen, and there’s a lot of ghosting.

Ghosting – When you can see what’s written on the other side of a sheet of paper without the ink coming through the page. This isn’t to be confused with bleed through, where the ink actually soaks through to the other side. This is also known as show-through or echo.
Goulet Pens Blog: Glossary of Fountain Pen Terminology

This is one of the small books:

Image 4 for 2017-06-12 Fountain Pen Image 5 for 2017-06-12 Fountain Pen

These are the larger notebooks, soft cover:

Image 1 for 2017-06-12 Fountain Pen Image 2 for 2017-06-12 Fountain Pen Image 3 for 2017-06-12 Fountain Pen

All in all I am not happy.



Moleskine Notebooks are terrible if used with a fountain pen. I found that I like the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks much better and have heard a lot of people praise the Rhodia Webnotebooks (I have yet to test one for myself, though)

– Stefan 2017-06-13 15:59 UTC

I heard excellent praise for the Rhodia Webnotebooks in this long and rambling video by a fountain pen nerd: Fountain-Pen-friendly Notebooks. The important list is in the description of the video, though. No need to spend 34min watching the video.

– Alex 2017-06-13 18:15 UTC

More: Leuchtturm1917 Paper Review. Ghosting after 5m. But yeah, it seems that Moleskine uses 72g/m², Leuchtturm 1917 uses 80g/m², Rhodia Webnotebook uses 90g/m². But then there’s the Leuchtturm 1917 “Master” using 100g/m². Interesting.

– Alex 2017-06-13 18:17 UTC

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