2017-07-12 Magic Items

Stuff I recently posted on G+:

An ancient trophy: Broken Antler Crown of the Elf Lord Orne Melethron, found in an old throne room deep below, chained to the ceiling. When worn, the elven glammer makes you shine with inner starlight, beautiful and stern. All living things must save vs. spells before they can attack you. This is awesome. Sadly, you must also save vs. spells or feel the broken hearts of all of Lord Orne Melethron’s kinsmen and family, dead or alive, tortured, broken, staring at dungeon cell walls, clawing at the dirt in total darkness deep underground. If you fail your save, scream your anguish out into the world, pouring liquid starlight from your eyes and mouth. It is also quite impressive, but sadly nobody feels bad about attacking a screaming elf lord wanna-be. [1]

The Mace of Demogorgon is a simple mace +1 with a metal demon head; the only drawback is that it watches and listens to everything you do, possibly reporting it, and whenever there’s a peaceful conversation going on nearby, it will insult the other party, making parley a difficult proposition. The safest place to keep such a thing would probably be a bag of holding.



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