2017-07-15 Freenode IPv6

What’s my problem?

alex@Megabombus:~$ telnet chat.freenode.net 6667
Trying 2a01:270:0:666f::1...
alex@Megabombus:~$ ping chat.freenode.net
PING chat.freenode.net ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=50 time=159.421 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=50 time=159.175 ms
--- chat.freenode.net ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 2 packets received, 33.3% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 159.175/159.298/159.421/0.123 ms
alex@Megabombus:~$ telnet 6667
Connected to 71-11-84-232.static.hlrg.nc.charter.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
:tolkien.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Looking up your hostname...
:tolkien.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Checking Ident
:tolkien.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** No Ident response
:tolkien.freenode.net NOTICE * :*** Couldn't look up your hostname

Apparently the name is resolved to an IPv6 address which then doesn’t work? What’s the correct fix for this situation?

For the moment I have replaced chat.freenode.net in my rcirc-server-alist and rcirc-authinfo with an IPv4 number. Sad!

IPv6 seems to be working for other people on #freenode so now I’m thinking it might be a problem with the laptop or the ISP. My ISP is Init7 and they have a test page!

Auf dieser Seite können Sie überprüfen, ob Sie bereit sind für die Zukunft des Internets.

Failed ⚠ Sie besuchen diese Seite über IPv4

⚠ Sie erreichen v6only.ipv6.ch leider nicht!

Leider sind sie nicht IPv6 ready! :-(


When I check my router’s web interface, it says I have an IPv6 address and that it “uses a direct IP connection to an Internet service provider”.

But I do seem to have that problem whatever I try:

alex@Megabombus:~$ dscacheutil -q host -a name www.google.com
name: www.google.com
ipv6_address: 2a00:1450:4002:80b::2004

name: www.google.com

alex@Megabombus:~$ telnet 2a00:1450:4002:80b::2004 80
Trying 2a00:1450:4002:80b::2004...
alex@Megabombus:~$ telnet 80
Connected to mil04s29-in-f4.1e100.net.
Escape character is '^]'.

Apparently IPv4 works and IPv6 doesn’t, even though DNS gives me IPv6 numbers.

When I check my Mac’s System Preferences → Network → Wi-Fi → Advanced... → TCP/IP → Configure IPv6: Automatically.

Looking good?



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