2017-07-18 Building a Dungeon

A player of a wizard told me his wizard was going to build a secret dungeon under his tower back in town. I suggested rolling 2d6 + Int bonus for planning on the following table:

2miserable planning, breaking through the ceiling of the sewers, 1 in 6 chance of discovery by unsavory characters every week, for four weeks (patching it up is hard)
3-5bad hiring decisions or insufficient bribes, rumors start spreading about a digging operation in your street, 1 in 6 chance of discovery by unsavory characters, just once
6-8cramped digging conditions, paying bribes, hiring cutthroats, but it works as planned
9-11good planning, smooth sailing
12lucky break, ancient plans you managed to procure from dwarven miners deciphered and access to one of the old dwarven vaults secured and integrated into the construction; add three secret doors and three traps for free

He got “good planning, smooth sailing” I didn’t have to create a rooster of unsavory characters.



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