2017-10-10 Learning Japanese, Again

I don’t feel like reading Fantasy books or the newspapers while I’m traveling in Australia. And thus I’ve started practicing with the Kanji Teacher by Chris Rusche and the free PDF Japanese Grammar Guide by Tae Kim (2012), and the Anki App... Help! :)

This time I don’t want to spend time programming apps to learn Japanese instead of learning Japanese. I did this many years ago when I wrote Kanji Dictionary.



Platform choice? I’ve gotten the most mileage with the iOS app Human Japanese (and the Intermediate follow up).

– Kristopher Browne 2017-10-10 15:57 UTC

Thank you for the recommendation. We will see how far I get with what I have and I’ll keep this in mind. The previews in the App Store look pretty good, though.

– Alex 2017-10-10 23:48 UTC

Wenn Du Idee fuer Kanji Teacher hast: bitte sehr gerne melden, bin gerade an Version 9... Sollte lieber lernen, ja! ٩(

Und: Japan, Fruehling 2018, vielleicht? Oder 2019?

– Chris 2017-10-12 19:51 UTC

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