2017-10-30 Minecraft

DM Peter introduced me to Minecraft (Java Edition) and invited me into his Minecraft Realm. I think this is how I might end up enjoying this game after all.



I built a home of wood and glass, an enclosure for chickens and fed them some grain so they multiplied, built roads to connect my home with the homes of other players in this realm, explored a cave, and now just spent nearly two hours building a large tower at the coast while chatting via Skype with Peter as we built the first three floors. It was fun in an unexpected way. No fighting necessary. Just building stuff, exploring the land, looking for resources—the right rocks, the right wood, and so on, returning to our beds as soon as the sun sets.

– Alex 2017-11-11 22:08 UTC

Seen on Google+:

“But.. but.. descending into the unknown dark, with only your sword, wits and torches... Seeing the distant glow of subterranean lava falls, hearing the ominous click and rattle of approaching skeletons. Edging your way along a tiny ledge with only a drop into fathomless darkness below... The sudden gleam of spider eyes in the darkness, the groan of an onrushing zombie hoard, frantic flight through torch-lit darkness. The ominous allure of an unexplored tunnel mouth. The relief of returning to a supply station...” – Jeremy Murphy

“The advance of civilization into the Darkness Underneath, constructing chokepoints and battlements from the cobblestone you mined not moments ago, lighting all of it with torches from coal you just picked up to combat the rising of evil. Descending into the depths and pushing back the wildness with force of your ability to build things.” – Joshua Blackletter

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