2017-11-09 Collaborating without Google

+Robert Freeman-Day recently wrote, slightly edited:

I have posted a couple times about #keybase in the Utopia Social Network community as well as the OSR community on G+. We have seen many posts about the pending death of G+ and some of us have been exploring alternatives.

Keybase is social encryption and identity for (mostly) normal people. It is in beta, but very functional. It has a growing list of existing social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.) to claim as verified identities. It is a way to digitally state: “yeah, this account is really me and everything I post will come from me”.

Today, I call for adventurous individuals to come play around with Keybase Teams! Let’s see what this can do for discussion and project development amongst the #RPG and #OSR communities!!

Our very own +Alex Schroeder and I have an open team (like slack/hangouts) called osr_community that we would love to see you all at to play. We can create sub-teams within it for whatever your game of choice is, etc. You can talk rules, publishing tips, gather for a project, whatever! They also have a general rpg team that is also open.

They also have end to end encrypted chat, teams, file systems and git repos!

Feel free to message me here in this thread, or direct message if you want help. I can also invite you and this kinda walks you through setup (definitely PM me if you want info on that). Share this with other people interested in the #OSR and #RPG in general.

Finally, if you want to hear a little talk about it you can listen to one of the main programmers talk about it. It is pretty understandable.

Thanks and hope we find and see something interesting!

The thing I find most interesting is the ability to collaborate securely (hopefully!) and outside of Google Docs and Dropbox. Whether Keybase is truly secure I don’t know—unless we’re going to audit the source code we’ll always have to trust someone—but I know that Google and Dropbox aren’t encrypting their data at rest.

Oh well. I don’t think collaborating in role-playing games needs that level of protection, but I think it’s worth getting into the habit of doing as much as possible using encryption.



Speaking of encrypted chat, consider adding me on matrix: @AlexDaniel:matrix.org

And if you really want to blow your mind, join #freenode_#oddmuse:matrix.org :)

Here: https://riot.im/

And given the rate at which you write blog posts here, maybe a blog post about secure messengers is coming? ;)

– AlexDaniel 2017-12-04 04:12 UTC

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