2017-12-14 Casters

OK, I have a new project! Remember how I wrote and illustrated the monster section for my Halberds & Helmets Ref Guide? Well, I decided I also needed a list of spell casters including their spell books in order to provide for an interesting selection of magic user and elf mentors, patrons, matrons, quest givers and foes. So here we are!

My challenge: to write up the spell books of two dozen casters, all with more or less unique spells. My “D&D as oral tradition” challenge is to simply not look up any spells and see what feels right. Remember the blog post about Rulings?

“If people remember a rule, it is applied. If a new rule is proposed on the spot, it is applied and if it remembered the next time such a situation comes up, it is applied again. The rules are what people can remember. Slowly, rules fade out and new ones fade in. It’s a living, mutual understanding of how the game will be played.”

I think this might also apply to spells. I’m going to refer to the spells I wrote for my monsters, though. I really want to make this more cohesive. Casters learned their spells from these monsters!

Hopefully the spells and these monster references will help me describe the casters in a way that already suggests what their towers look like. A paragraph or two about their lair would be great. Belchion has already provided me with a magic item for most of them. This is going well.

You can find the casters I have on the Spellcasters page of the Halberds & Helmets wiki. I created all the pages with faces from my face generator but only the casters from Agrimach to Gerdana have spells right now.



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