2017-12-22 What I like about the Old School

I was talking with ghost bird on Mastodon about the OSR, trying to describe what I like about it.

I like the spirit of doing it yourself. Making your own house rules. The sheer uncontrolled mass that is Links to Wisdom makes me happy. Over a thousand links!

I like the part that is not related to products. I liked the part about Fight On! and the One Page Dungeon Contest that showed me other people doing similar stuff without shiny gloss and fancy art. Thus, where as I have bought some products, I would not recommend anything in particular. I loved the blogs and G+ about the OSR.

Remember the discussion about Innovation and the Old School Renaissance?

I’ve always thought of it as Old School Renaissance. The kind of rebirth that takes old statues and old manuscripts and makes new and awesome things with it. The Renaissance in Europe wasn’t about rebuilding Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, after all. It was about taking some found material and making new stuff.

As I am remembering how I ended up in the OSR, I remember getting into the blogosphere. I started my blog in 2002, rediscovered D&D in 2006, gave old school D&D a first try in 2008. And I discovered more and more blogs talking about classic D&D, what it could have been, how you could transmute it into something new and awesome.

There was the Planet Algog blog, for exampe. The session reports sounded so fantastic, this is what I wanted my games to be like. Start here: Chapter 3, Part 1: "The Seeds of Heroism..." (multi-part), Chapter 4, Part 1: "The Importance of Attentiveness..." (multi-part), etc.



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