2017-12-23 New Laptop

Got a new laptop!

First order of the day: removing the annoying air bubbles. 😭

Laptop screen with protector and air bubbles

After a while I got fed up with it and could not not get rid of the last few small bubbles. What’s your opinion on this: is this screen protector thing even required? I always removed mine from the phones I have, and I don’t think the Apple laptops ever came with it. But then again I haven’t bought a laptop in a long time.

Oh well. I removed mine.

OK, what's next? I copied some files over from the Mac laptop. I love watching myself and noting the order in which I do things.

  1. browser works, bookmark my blog, and two Mastodon instances: octodon.social and dice.camp
  2. install Emacs
  3. install git

Not sure what to do next. Browser add-ons, I guess? What is this Purebrowser thing? It looks like GNU IceCat because “Get Add-Ons” leads me to the GNU IceCat Overview. The add-on search is unusable, but the links in the table work.

Currently installed: HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, uMatrix. I guess the IceCat defaults are not installed? Also, I can’t install from Firefox directly: HTTPS by default says I must install Firefox, first.

Next up is bitlbee. I’m going to run it as a service again. So now I need to copy and chown all the stuff from my old ~/.bitlbee. And the Emacs config is all wrong. Oh well.

Things I have noticed:

  1. just now the system told me it had upgrades pending and a restart was required – this surprised me, because using apt practically never requires a restart
  2. after the restart, updates were installed, it restarted again, and I was presented with a white-on-blue dialog where I could choose between memory tests and two options of booting the system – after a few seconds it booted PureOS; I bet that must confuse non-technical people
  3. I’m still confused by the keyboard every now and then: sometimes key presses don’t register

Still wondering whether I should practice harder with my external Atreus keyboard. But then everything just takes so much longer.



What I’ve seen twice in the last few days, now: at night, I close the laptop lid when the laptop is on batteries, sending it to sleep, plug it in, and the next morning I unplug the laptop, carry it elsewhere and open the lid, and the ventilators come on and blow like crazy and nothing seems to stop them except for a complete shutdown.

Reboot and the ventilators don’t come back up, so it really isn’t the heat. It’s a bug somewhere.

– Alex 2018-01-02 09:49 UTC

The laptop had to be replaced... See 2018-01-04 Black Screen.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-01-23 10:07 UTC

A review by the Pepper & Carrot person.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-04-23 06:14 UTC

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