2018-01-04 Black Screen

I got a Librem 13 Version 2 a few days ago. Yesterday I powered off, today I powered on and went to make some tea, came back and I saw a black screen. I hit Enter a few times, hoping for the Login, then I pressed the power button and rebooted. Grub menu showed up and I choose my disk. “XZ-compressed data is corrupt — System halted”.

I then power cycled a few more times, hoping to get a better result. I got the message twice. Then the Grub menu showed only blue background, no text, with a few green glitch pixels. And now I can power cycle but I’m not getting anything except for the two or three white lights above the Insert/Delete keys, depending on whether the power cable is plugged in or not.

I’m not even getting a message saying the BIOS is booting. Nothing.

Any ideas? I sent an email to their support address. Right now it looks like my laptop is bricked.

Well, after a short break I got to the grub rescue menu!

Image 1 for 2018-2018-01-04 Black Screen

But that got me into memtest:

Image 2 for 2018-2018-01-04 Black Screen

After that I got the regular grub menu and when I picked the first option as I usually do, I was back at this prompt:

Image 3 for 2018-2018-01-04 Black Screen



Looks like your disk is broken? Grub can’t extract it’s boot image.

– Andreas Gohr 2018-01-04 08:47 UTC

Yes. 😢

– Alex Schroeder 2018-01-04 09:33 UTC

Actually, it’s worse. I am currently exchanging emails with their support.

After the message shown above I never got another message.

I flashed an USB drive and tried to boot from it, but no success. The problem is that the laptop never gets into the BIOS stage. When I press the power key for a bit, the white lights atop the keyboard go off and only the orangle/white battery charging light remains lit. I press the power key for a bit, and the two lights to the left and right of the battery charging light go on – and nothing else happens. The screen remains black. Thus, I cannot boot from the USB stick even though it is plugged in – I need to see the Pure Logo, the box, the SeaBIOS message, or something.

When the BIOS doesn’t start, then I’m thinking of memory corruption.

– Alex 2018-01-05 09:32 UTC

“We couldn’t fix your laptop. We’ll send you a new one in a few days.”

– Alex 2018-01-18 20:35 UTC

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