2018-01-11 UTF-8 Gopher

If you use lynx to browse Gopherspace, you will run into UTF-8 problems. Here’s an example where the search returns a selector containing an Umlaut. It is displayed correctly in the terminal.

Search returns selector with Umlaut

But when you follow the link, it doesn’t work:

Following the link shows a truncated page name

Why? Because lynx doesn’t send those bytes:

$ tail -n 1 farm/gopher-server.log
Serving 2017-04-12_Preise_f as  bytes of text

Where as using gopher.el works better. Look at this beauty using Arabic characters in both the selector and the text file content:

Emacs gopher.el showing some Arabic

Compare this to the original page: Die Partikel قَدْ.

So, using gopher.el is good enough, for now. :)

If you want to check it out yourself, using your favorite Gopher client:



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