2018-01-30 Phlog Talk

When following the phlogs on Bongusta, one realizes how small the gophering world is. Less than thirty phlogs! And people don’t leave comments on each other’s phlogs, they just write blog posts and refer to each other’s posts.

Recently there was talk about naming computers and what sort of computers people owned. Hah, computer names have been a topic on this blog every now and then. There’s an overview, here: NamingScheme.

Then people talked about fountains pens. I was gifted a Lamy fountain pen in 2015 and I wrote about me being unhappy with Moleskine notebooks in 2017.

There was also talk of mechanical watches and I was also gifted a watch, the IWC Mark XV. I never cared for the chauvinistic IWC ads but I do like their watches.

As for photography: I bought myself an Olympus E-P5 PEN in 2013. If I’m not taking pictures with my phone, I use this camera. You can find some photo galleries on this site. I used to have my pictures on Flickr but then I deleted it all in 2016. Self hosting all my images, yay! And many albums dropped of the net, sadly. I should go back and add them again. Maybe. It’s not all that important, I think. Friends and family looked at them a long time ago and who else is going to look at them? So the truncated list is all that we have online, right now. I did go back and added some albums back, at least.

One thing I don’t do is take films. I don’t really have the patience to look at them, to cut them, to add a soundtrack, all the editing takes forever and it also takes so much space, I just can’t do it. Muggle images it is!



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