2018-02-02 Markdown

I’m having fun implementing the CommonMark Spec 0.28 for Oddmuse using their spec file for automated testing. Current status:

# Looks like you failed 493 tests of 624.

Implementing simple stuff is fun. :)



OK, sometimes it is not as fun it could be:

This is not emphasis, because the closing * is preceded by whitespace:
*foo bar *

This is hard for the Oddmuse parser because it works like a state machine and prints immediately when looking at every token. So for Oddmuse, starting at the first * it sees a legal beginning of emphasis and prints <em> without considering whether there is a legal end to this emphasis. Oddmuse will print the closing tag when the paragraph ends. But that’s not what CommonMark wants us to do. And I can’t use a simple positive look-ahead as that will fail in this situation as the closing emphasis is actually within a code element and thus it seems to me that I need to parse and backtrack in order to solve this problem. Gaaaah.

*foo `bar* bar`

– Alex Schroeder 2018-02-03 13:03 UTC

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