2018-03-04 Blogging

Yet another post on the corporate iA Writer blog that I really like, Take the Power back. Sometimes I feel like blog posts are great—and I write them myself, aren’t I—and yet I don’t really follow them. I wrote about using a feed reader but I don’t often run it. I mostly stumble on new blogs via social media (i.e. Mastodon) these days. And I feel weird about that.



“I feel weird about that.”

How come?

Aaron 2018-03-05 04:54 UTC

Mostly because I think I should be stumbling on them due to the subscriptions I have using my feed aggregator. That was the whole point of doing it, I think. Something like the mental model of subscribing to a newspaper. Sure, you stumbled upon the newspaper by chance, but then you decided you liked it and subscribed, in order to not miss out, I guess. Or is it because I feel that relying on random people I follow on social media is a weak way of getting news? I actually don’t know. Perhaps it’s a sign that I actually belong to the ballpoint pen bearing generation, moving into the digital age with all the baggage of the seventies and eighties. 😨

– Alex Schroeder 2018-03-05 14:27 UTC

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