2018-03-09 OpenVZ Pains

And once again I’m about to pay the price. My servers are hosted with a hosting company that offers both OpenVZ and KVM virtualisation solutions. The KVM offers are about 50% more expensive. In my case that would about 15€/month instead of 10€/month. Since I’m an idiot, I picked the cheaper solution and in 2015 I paid the price: 2015-07-16 Do Not Upgrade To Debian Jessie If You Are On A VM. The problem is that OpenVZ means you share the kernel with everybody else on that machine. And that in turn means you cannot apt dist-upgrade. And the hosting provider can’t upgrade either, because this potentially breaks the setup for their clients.

If I had picked a KVM setup, upgrading would be no problem. I’d have my own kernel. As Jessie security updates are about to end, I need to once again manually migrate all my stuff to a new machine. This is bad. And I will have to buy the more expensive solution because 36×5.- is 180,- and I think I’d pay that kind of money for somebody else to do the upcoming migration.



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