2018-03-12 Describing Hexes

On Google+, Zak asked for a tool that would generate both a map and a description of said map.

Well, I have Text Mapper which creates beautiful maps, but I have no random tables to describe those maps. But I can work on that. And perhaps you can help?

If you feel like contributing to this, feel free to leave your contributions in a comment on this blog, or tag me on Google+ or Mastodon, or contact me some other way.

Here’s my example map:

Image 1 for 2018-03-12 Describing Hexes

The map description looks like this:

0101 dark-green trees village
0102 light-green bushes
0103 light-green bushes
0104 light-green bushes
0105 light-green bushes
0106 light-green forest-hill
0107 light-grey mountain
0108 white mountains cliff1
0109 white mountain
0110 light-grey mountain
0201 dark-grey swamp
0202 light-green bushes
0203 light-green bushes
0204 green forest
0205 light-green fir-forest
0206 light-green firs thorp
0207 white mountain cliff1
0208 white mountain
0209 light-grey mountain
0210 grey swamp


If you want, you can copy and paste this description into Text Mapper and it should regenerate the map shown above.

The random tables look like this:

1,the air up here is cold
1,snow fields make progress difficult
1,there is a hidden meadow up here, hidden from view from below
1,steep cliffs make progress practically impossible without climbing gear
1,nothing grows up here except for a few patches of lichen on gray rocks


As you can see, the format is simple:

I tried to use the format used by Abulafia.

And it works!

Take a look: Hex Describe.



The work is ongoing. Let me know if you want to contribute.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-03-14 12:50 UTC

I think I’m done with all I wanted to do. The monster entries were based on the monsters in my H&H Ref Guide.

– Alex Schroeder 2018-03-14 22:14 UTC

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