2018-03-15 Abufalia It

OK, I want to generate some funky villagers using Hex Describe, a bit like Abulafia would. Misusing my own software for fun and profit.

Let’s start with a table.

1,[person], [alignment] [job], [wants], [hates]





1,night watch
1,pit fighter

1,lover of booze
1,famous lover of men
1,famous lover of women
1,unhappy lover of elves
1,infamous lover of dwarves
1,singer and dancer
1,always looking for a quick buck
1,desperately in need of a friend

1,hates all foreigners
1,fears the giant spiders invading this village every night
1,fears an undead wight walking the former battlefield behind Giffus Hill
1,would love to get rid of Sir Berbem of Basam manor
1,and sadly a loudmouthed racist
1,and a secret ally of the bandits

Let’s use pastebin.com to host the table (for other Pastebin recommendations see the comments. Paste the table into their big text area and save, then click on the raw button. That gets you the URL we need. In my case, that’s https://pastebin.com/raw/TtuAvbCq – this is what we need.

Visit Hex Describe and click on the no map link. Then paste the URL into the small field at the bottom where it says Table URL.

And now we’re going to write the text into the text area on the same page. How about this:

The important villagers of Furum are:
[villager]; and

This is what you should see. Now click the Submit button.

You should see something like the following:

Hex Descriptions (no map)

The important villagers of Furum are:

Dragana, evil night watch, famous lover of women, fears an undead wight walking the former battlefield behind Giffus Hill;

Marius, childish veteran, unhappy lover of elves, hates all foreigners; and

Alf, childish pit fighter, always looking for a quick buck, would love to get rid of Sir Berbem of Basam manor.



Pastebins that people on Mastodon recommended which allow sharing a public link to the raw content:

  1. https://haste.tchncs.de
  2. http://vpaste.net/

– Alex Schroeder 2018-03-15 10:50 UTC

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