2018-03-18 Adding Mushrooms

These days I try to write a table or two for Hex Describe every day.

Today I hopped on the RPG OSR Discord channel and asked: “Anybody interested in spending half an hour adding content to some random tables used to describe a mountainous region?” Tommi Brander spoke up and we expanded on the mushrooms together.

Image 1

This is what we came up with:

1,Tall trees and dense canopy keep the sunlight away. There are big mushrooms everywhere. [mushrooms]

1,The mushrooms are guarded by [mykonids]
1,If eaten, [do something interesting]
1,These mushrooms are actually the antennaes and horns for the big sleeping supermushroom [name for forest/forest-hill/trees/fir-forest/firs] living beneath the forest. Around here, your sleep will be filled with mushroom dreams.

1,[3d6] *mykonids*.
1,[3d6] *mykonids* guarding a mushroom circle. On nights of the full moon, or on a 1 in 6, the portal to the fey realms opens. If so, [2d12] *elves* led by one they call [elf leader] (level [1d6+1]) will be visiting.

;do something interesting
1,save vs. poison or die. The locals use this to kill criminals.
1,save vs. poison or loose your voice for a week. The locals avoid doing this.
1,save vs. poison or be cursed to turn into a mykonid over the coming week.
1,save vs. poison or be paralysed for 1d4 hours. Local Set cultists will trade in these mushrooms.
1,gain telepathic powers for a week. The locals use them to spy on the thoughts of any foreigners.
1,enjoy wild and colorful visions for 1d20 hours. If you roll higher than your wisdom, see something relevant for the current campaign. The locals lead village idiots here to warn them of impeding danger.
1,heal 1d6+1. The locals assemble here after a fight to recuperate.



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