2018-03-21 Adding Factions

I’ve added the naming of regional things to Hex Describe. Once again, it was a conversation with Paolo Greco that pushed me. Thanks!

Basically, the idea is that there are some regional things with names such as factions, dukes, and so on. In the following example, we have bugbears belonging to the Wolf Eyes tribe and I want to make sure that there are at most three tribes on the map, but I don’t want to use the same three names for every map. Thus, I need a table to generate bugbear band names, and there should be at most three of them.

0302: Hiding between the trees are watchful eyes in the service of the elves underground, 6 bugbears led by one they call Silent Paws belonging to the Wolf Eyes band. There is a town of 100 humans led by a necromancer (level 9) called Florina who lives in a keep with a retainer, the fighter (level 7) Shathviha and their whip, the knight Henna (level 6). The log cabins are protected by a town wall and the river. There is a market. Green Creek runs through here. Shady Road leads through here.

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Here’s how to set it up:

1,Hiding between the trees are watchful eyes in the service of the elves underground, [1d8 bugbears].

1,In this fir forest is a little campsite with [1d8 bugbears].

;1d8 bugbears
1,the *bugbear* [bugbear]
7,[1d7+1] *bugbears* led by one they call [bugbear] belonging to [a bugbear band]

;a bugbear band
1,[name for a bugbear band1]
1,[name for a bugbear band2]
1,[name for a bugbear band3]

;name for a bugbear band1
1,[bugbear band]

;name for a bugbear band2
1,[bugbear band]

;name for a bugbear band3
1,[bugbear band]

;bugbear band
1,[bugbear band 1] [bugbear band 2]

;bugbear band 1

;bugbear band 2

The pattern “name for a thing” is key, here. Whenever a table has this name, it will determine the result for the table and keep returning that. Thus, with the tables as they are, eventually all the bugbear bands will have one of three names as “name for a bugbear band1-3” are eventually determined.



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